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Car seat cover/velour blanket Pastel Teddy Bears OUTLET


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  • A warm wrapper for the car seat in the autumn-winter version, with a cute pattern in Pastel Teddy Bears
  • The best option for carrying a child in a car seat
  • It provides a pleasant and comfortable journey
  • Functional and versatile
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A safe option for transporting a toddler

You no longer need to dress your toddler in thick, down suits that pose the risk of your child slipping out of the seat belt. The car seat wrapper perfectly covers the baby, without the need for thick clothing, so you can fasten the straps as close as possible to the baby’s body.

NOTE! The product may have minor pulls, delicate spots or small dots due to printing error. It is not possible to send detailed photos of the defect.

Ease of use

The car seat blanket allows you to quickly adjust the cover to the prevailing conditions. When you want to protect the little one from the cold and wind, just fasten the blanket and pull down the hood. When you enter a warm room you unzip the blanket to avoid overheating the toddler.

Warmth and comfort

Our car seat wrap is warm and soft, made of high-quality cotton and velvet. It has anti-allergenic, breathable filling to keep your little one comfortable on the go. It is delicate and pleasant to the touch, does not irritate the baby’s skin.

It protects from the cold and wind, with it walks and car trips become even more pleasant. The car seat blanket has a convenient Velcro fastener, so there is the possibility of quick unzipping. The hood further wraps and protects the little one from the cold.


Thanks to its universal seatbelt holes, the wrap will be perfect for any car seat (including those with 5-point seatbelt attachment) and stroller. Our car seat blanket, thanks to its universal size fits babies from 0-15 months. Initially, it will serve as a wrapper in the car seat/gondola, later, when the toddler grows up, it will be perfect as a cover in the stroller.

The car seat blanket fits:

  • car seat
  • gondola
  • strollers
  • infant recliner

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 25 × 13 cm

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