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Summer car seat cover Pastel Teddy Bears (Kopia)

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  • Lightweight spring-summer car seat cover in a cute pattern Pastel Teddy Bears
  • The best option for carrying a child in a car seat
  • It provides a pleasant and comfortable journey
  • Functional and versatile
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Safe An option for carrying a toddler in summer and spring

You no longer need to dress your toddler in sweatshirts or sweaters that you have no way to take off while driving. Summer car seat cover perfectly covers baby, without the need for thicker clothing, so you can buckle the straps as close as possible to baby’s body.

Convenience and comfort – seat wrapper for summer

Are you worried about a sweaty toddler in an artificial seat? With the amum lagger you don’t have to anymore. The wrap-around cover separates the toddler from the uncomfortable fabric of the seat, providing increased comfort and convenience during the ride. Our car seat wrap is delicate and soft, extremely velvety to the touch made. It is made of high-quality cotton, so it is anti-allergenic, does not irritate the skin and does not scratch. It has no filling, so it will be perfect for spring/summer.

It protects from the cold and wind, with it walks and car trips become even more pleasant. The wrap is lightweight and delicate, so it does not have any fastening – just put the sides on top of each other to cover the baby. Speed and freedom guaranteed.

Ease of use

In spring and summer, the Car Seat cover allows you to quickly adjust the cover to the prevailing conditions. When you want to protect your little one from the cold just put on the cover and pull the ties at the top to create a hood. When you enter a warm room you unzip the blanket to avoid overheating the toddler.


Thanks to its universal seatbelt holes, the wrap will be perfect for any car seat (including those with 5-point seatbelt attachment) and stroller. Our car seat blanket, thanks to its universal size fits babies from 0-15 months. Initially, it will serve as a wrapper in the car seat/gondola, later, when the toddler grows up, it will be perfect as a cover in the stroller.

The car seat blanket fits:

  • car seat
  • gondola
  • strollers
  • infant recliner

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm


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