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Our products are made of the best quality fabrics. We work exclusively with Polish manufacturers who put quality and safety first. We make sure that our products are superbly made and last for years. Below is detailed information on the care of our products. Please read it and follow the recommendations – this will keep our products in excellent condition.


All our products are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means that they are safe for health, as they have no harmful substances.

Most of our products are composed entirely of natural fabric – cotton. Cotton is characterized by its softness and softness to the touch. It is airy, breathable, anti-allergenic. Thanks to the fact that it is a very durable fabric, it does not tear or stretch. Cotton is a year-round fabric – great for both hot and cold weather.

CV bamboo – bamboo diapers, muslin diapers and muslin wraps. Bamboo is a fabric created directly for allergy sufferers and children with AD. It is extremely pleasant to the touch, delicate and soft, so it does not irritate the skin of children. It has thermoregulatory, anti-fungal and anti-allergenic properties.

Cotton velour – used in towels and bathrobes – is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. The high grammage of the product makes it thick and fleshy, so it absorbs moisture perfectly and at the same time dries very quickly. Due to its characteristics, it may have delicate creases on its surface, which are the result of the fabric. They disappear after washing.

laundry & ironing – BASIC INFORMATION

  • Machine wash at max 40 st.
  • Products are best washed on the delicate fabric program or hand wash program.
  • Products should be washed with similar. We do not recommend combining textile products with others, such as everyday clothes, . Cotton and velvet products, such as blankets and seat wraps should be washed separately.
  • Set the spin max. for 400 turns.
  • Do not use bleach and stain removers, as they damage the natural fabrics, as well as the print.
  • Do not use strong chemicals or those that have baking soda.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • After removing the products from the washing machine, gently shake them off, and in the case of fluffy products like nursing pillows, cocoons, butterfly pillows, mold them to keep their original shape.
  • Products are best dried laid out flat. This speeds up the drying process considerably and also prevents excessive creasing of the fabric.
  • Iron on medium iron temperature (about 150℃), preferably with steam.
  • Do not press the iron’s foot firmly against products that have filling, as this may cause flattening.


  • Elements such as Velcro, fasteners, zippers should be fastened when washing so that they do not damage the fabric.
  • For the cocoon, remove the mattress from the center and fasten the zipper. In addition, tie the tape pulling the sides of the cocoon so that they do not bend during washing.
  • Large products, such as a baby cocoon or a nursing pillow, should be gently and slowly pulled out of the washing machine so as not to damage their structure.
  • Wipe dirt on waterproof products such as travel mats and clothing organizers/containers with a damp cloth.
  • Rattles are worth washing in laundry bags.
  • Wash muslin diapers with similar delicate products that do not have Velcro, zippers, or other elements that can damage the fabric.

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